Tera J.
Boise, ID

I could not be more happy with the results of the care we have received by PA Jacob and his assistant Amanda! My daughter had an ENORMOUS wart(s) situation, on two adjacent toes. And it was so enormous, one wart looked like another toe growing off to the side of her big toe. Prior to our first appointment, over the past year we had tried conventional methods of liquid nitrogen freezing with no success, it actually made it bigger and it continued to spread. Our PA at treasure valley dermatology Jacob, recommended the s w i f t laser combined with some things to do at home and in 30 days my daughters giant wart situation is 95% gone. Honestly I thought it would be a 6 month process. I’m so happy she responded so well to the treatment. There were no blisters or soreness afterwards, zero downtime. Highly recommend the s w i f t laser treatment, and the team at treasure valley dermatology. ten stars.

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